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FAQs on Ha Noi Real Estate in Viet Nam

For Lessees (Foreigners)

1. What should I do to rent a home or house in Hanoi Vietnam?

Simply, you only need a visa and passort to do bussiness, work, study in Hanoi. The Lessor will help you to register your staying at Hanoi's Police.

2. Which interests do I enjoy if I lease an apartment, serviced apartment, house or villa in Hanoi?

The answer is that you have more room, more privacy and cheaper in comparision with Hotel room reservations. Moreover, Living in an apartment, house or villa is as a home away from home.

3. Where should I rent a home in Hanoi?

It depends on your needs. However, to our best knowledge, West Lake - Tay Ho Dist, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Dong Da Dist, Ba Dinh districts, and newly developing area in Cau Giay district - Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh Urban will be more suitable for you since most of the foreigners like living there to enjoy better services: easy traffic, supermarkets, international schools for kids, being-close-to offices, hospital, good security, quiet, etc.

4. What costs should I pay when I rent lease a home or office in Hanoi?

For rental private apartments, houses, villas, offices:

Firstly, you have to pay the housing rental to the Lessor (normally including VAT).

Secondly, electricity, water, telephone bills will be paid by the Lessee.

For rental serviced apartments, serviced offices:

Usually, VAT, electricity, water, satellite TV bills are included in the rental, but telephone bill is of course excluded. Note: Details of the housing rental will be negotiated by the Tenants and Lessees with the professional positive help from Full House Property Co., Ltd.

5. Do I have to make a deposite before moving into a home?

Why not? To make sure the home you love will be rent out to you, a deposit ought to be made by you. If not, other client may lease it before your decision.

6. Do I have to make a deposite during renting a home?

Most of the Lessors ask you to make a deposit, and it will be refunded when the lease contract ends.

7. How long should my contract be?

It should be at least 3 rental months up to years. For rental weeks to under 3 months, please booking online by email at: or ring at 0942.577.677

8. Who decides the last rental price?

It will be made by both the Tenant and the Lessee with professional & objective help from Full House Property. Thus, the Tenant can obtain the best price of the best.

9. What benifits can I earn from Full House's housing rental services?

>> Saving your precious time.

>> Saving your money.

First of all, you do not have to pay us any commission when renting a home or house with us. The landlord has to do that. A question may arise by doing so, the intermediary rental is higher than the direct rental by owners, isn't? The answer is NO, because the Landlord can get the house rent out faster and enjoy professional property services of Full House Property.
Secondly, since we know the availability of properties and the market rental prices well, we can give you the better advice of the realty location - the right home or house; the right price; the better negotiation and the better services.


Here is a practical guide for you to rent a house in Hanoi - It can be said that the best experience to rent the most favorite house in Hanoi Capital Vietnam

Guide to House Rentals in Hanoi (All Budgets)

Hanoi has proved to be not just a city for tourists, but also a place for many expats to settle down in with a new energetic life. Give this article a read on rentals in Hanoi to start your new journey.

Overview of Hanoi

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has a very different atmosphere in comparison to Ho Chi Minh City. It is the second most populous city but it has a fairly small area, so finding a place to settle down here is often more challenging than in other cities in Vietnam. Considering this distinct feature of Hanoi, Vietnamese people have chosen an age-old idiom to associate with this city: an inch of land is an inch of gold. Rental cost, therefore, is also higher even if the housing factors such as area, furniture conditions, cleaning service, etc. are the same. The total cost will often include internet, electricity and water bills, but sometimes other factors come into play depending on the property owners.

Similar to other cosmopolitan cities in Vietnam, Hanoi’s rental areas also have specific neighborhoods for expats and nomads, where a large number of foreigners stay close together to form a strong community. However, there are still other options to choose from if you want to live among locals or far from the city center. Also, there are many kinds of rental properties to pick depending on your budget and preference. These can be luxury villas, serviced apartments, or even shared houses.

West Lake (Tay Ho) District

This is considered the most expat-dominant neighborhood in Hanoi. It is a combination of modern infrastructure and thousand year-old history. With a large number of foreigners staying here, the need for western-like spots started to rise significantly. Restaurants, wine bars, pubs, and boutique shops, altogether make West Lake District the most vibrant area in the capital. Living inside this entertainment and tourism center will never bore you.

It’s totally possible that you can have a nice dining spot by just walking a few steps away from your house. Although it may sound rather crowded and cramped, West Lake is in fact the least populated district in Hanoi. Expats can well enjoy a quiet environment here at the same time with such convenient and absorbing features around their neighborhood.
Rental here is gnerally more expensive than other districts in Hanoi because of its high-end residential nature and convenient location. Costs range approximately from 200 to 300 USD for shared accomodations; 500 to 3,000 USD for apartments; and 2,500 to even 6,000 USD a month for villas or family houses. The difference in apartment and villa properties will depend on floor area, number of rooms, furnishings, and other household conveniences. All of these rental types are usually fully furnished in high quality conditions. Another thing to keep in mind is that the number of shared houses in this district is quite limited, so it can be difficult for you to find a favorable shared place to live.

Ciputra Hanoi International City

This is an extremely high-class residential area constructed in around 15 years, with foreign investment from an Indonesia corporation. Situated in the northwest of Hanoi, Ciputra Hanoi International City, also known as South Thang Long Urban Complex, has a prime location wrapped around the legendary West Lake in the district and the Red River. The other sides of Ciputra also face many important routes through Hanoi, which provides easy access to the city center, the airport and other areas as well. With a location right beside West Lake, it also has amazing views thanks to the existing beauty from one of the largest natural lakes in Vietnam.

Ciputra Hanoi spans a huge area and is recognized as a highly modern urban complex with international standards. Other than residential buildings, schools, entertainment sport clubs, and offices are also parts of this prestigious “city” model. With an initial development of eco culture, we can see that a large amount of land in Ciputra is occupied by trees and a water system, creating a harmonious living environment with nature. You can also find other necessary services on Ciputra’s premises so it’s very convenient. According to a popular Vietnamese online newspaper called dantri, 40% of Ciputra residents are foreigners from more than 70 countries, creating a large international community in this urban area. For those who will bring their families along, consider Ciputra to be your home in Vietnam!

Basically there are two kinds of housing properties in Ciputra Hanoi, which are all designed for family sizes: low-rise houses and high-rise apartments. It costs from around 850 USD to nearly 2,500 USD a month to rent apartments here. For low-rise villas, rental is much higher and ranges between 1,000 USD and up to 8,000 USD. Again, this depends on what the properties can offer but the general living quality here is highly guaranteed and well-managed.

Hoan Kiem District


Similar to Tay Ho District, Hoan Kiem is named after the lake central in the district. It is also one of the main districts in Hanoi and has a bustling local vibe. Well-known for plenty of old trading centers and shopping malls, Hoan Kiem District wears a lovely ancient atmosphere from both Vietnamese and French culture. Although it is the smallest district in Hanoi, Hoan Kiem’s rich historical value and hectic local life really hold up to its reputation. Staying here can help you experience an authentic Hanoi lifestyle with very northern craft shops and signature food houses scattered across the district.

However, not many expats decide to settle down here because it’s more suitable to just be a tourist. Taking a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake at night, visiting ancient landmarks like Hanoi Opera House and Hoa Lo Prison, or doing a little shopping in the souvenir markets in a few days would be more delightful.


But if you want to immerse yourselves in an age-old northern Vietnamese culture, there are still housing options for you to choose. Like Ciputra, houses and apartments are available to rent. However, houses in Hoan Kiem District are traditional Vietnamese, which will often be located in a local neighborhood or tucked away in small alleys.

Rental cost for houses here is a bit cheaper than in Ciputra Hanoi International City, from 700 USD to 3,000 USD a month. Interestingly, the cost range for apartments is much broader. You can rent one from 600 USD to nearly 3,000 USD. This is because there are many kinds of apartments different in size, room numbers, amenities, and management quality. Make sure to check with a real estate agent clearly before you rent one.

Ba Dinh District


This particular district is home to many governmental buildings not just of Hanoi but also the whole country. It is also famous for our respectful leader’s museum and final resting place, making it one of the most visited districts in Hanoi. Again, it is not a desired settling place for many foreigners because of its administrative and touristy nature. Yet, if you’re looking for a quieter neighborhood in the central area, Ba Dinh is a good choice.

Actually you can find many houses for rent in this district with a stable price as the properties’ quality is mostly the same. Monthly cost for renting houses of three to five bedrooms in fully-furnished conditions is anywhere from 1,000 USD to 1,200 USD. More facilities means more money but the price will stay under 200 USD. Renting apartments in Ba Dinh is cheaper, from 450 USD to 900 USD for one to two bedrooms, so they have small spaces. This kind of apartment is suitable for expats who are living alone and need to live near the city center.

Long Bien District

As the largest district in the capital city, Long Bien is going through many rapid changes, especially in real estate. It is also the only urban district on the east side of the Red River. If the other districts were named after their lakes, this district took the name of a bridge, which has become an iconic landmark of Hanoi’s east side. You can compare Long Bien to District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City: they are both far from the city center, there are many residential buildings in the area and more to come, many important routes pass through these districts making a convenient traffic system. If you want to live in a suburban neighborhood and escape the busy city life at the end of the day, this is what you’re looking for.  

Houses in Long Bien District can have a countryside view due to their specific location. The renting cost is usually between 1,000 to 2,000 USD and most of these properties are very suitable for a family with an affordable budget. The houses will still have three to four bedrooms, a kitchen, living area, and often a garden. As for apartments, there are many options to pick from. You can rent in luxury buildings for over 700 USD or small serviced apartments with prices from only 350 USD to 600 USD.

I hope you have a good idea of where you want to live in Hanoi. There’s plenty of information online to help you. Give our other articles a read to find out more information about Vietnam traveling and living guides

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