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Live life to the fullest in the green city

In 28/8/2009, Viet Hung Investment and Urban Development JSC (Vihajico) officially started the construction of Ecopark. In 26/3/2012, Vihajico welcomed the first residents to Rừng Cọ apartment. After nearly a decade of construction and development, Ecopark has become a model of green urban area in Vietnam and other countries in the region. Ecopark also started a great journey, opened opportunities for the residents to experience life full of excellent values of community, culture and people. Ecopark achieved numerous of prestigious Vietnam and International real estate awards in recent years. 


Ideal location


Located in the southeast of the capital, it is believed that Ecopark owns a poetic and perfect location where the FengShui symbolizes for the human prosperity. The whole area is situated along the the Bac Hung Hai river bank and embraced by the Red river and Đuống river. This amazing combination creates an outstanding feature for the area which is exclusively found in developing countries. A river is inherently symbolic of some well-known major cities, and a crucial measure for the urban development to satisfy the demand of landscape, relaxation activities for residents. The scale of the urban area reaches nearly 500 ha while the lake area already account for 100 ha, which plays the role of a giant "lung", providing fresh air for the living environment. The rivers also create some prominent constructions like Bac Hung Hai bridge, riverside tourist attractions or a system of villas in an open space surrounded by nature.


Urban vision


Ecopark is becoming a symbol of a new living concept, where the residents can experience and enjoy fully every single moment of the happiness. Ecopark has a mission, which is create and maintain the new living standards for Vietnamese; by pursuing the philosophy encapsulated in 5 "E", that is:

Ecopark is becoming a symbol of a new living concept, where the residents can experience and enjoy fully every single moment of the happiness. Ecopark has a mission, which is create and maintain the new living standards for Vietnamese; by pursuing the philosophy encapsulated in 5 "E", that is: Ecology Ecopark creates a harmonious living environment between nature and humans, focusing on building sustainable projects to provide a life full of conveniences and facilities. It is favourably classified as "The Green City of the North", "The Eco Lung" in the southeast of the capital.

Emotion Emotional value is presented by an ability of bringing reliefs to the people; where the human values are cherished and respected. The development of Ecopark is constructed based on benefits of the residents, where they can blend in with the nature, living together in a friendly community.

Edu-entertainment Entertainment and education have a reciprocal relationship and are indispensable demands in the modern society. Because of its importance, they are recieved a great attention from the Ecopark investors in order to serve fully the residents and community.

Economic Ecopark always wants to enhance the competitiveness of their real estate products. Creating a green urban area, a modern and worth living community is the guideline that Ecopark is strenuously working to achieve. It is also an important commitment, an integral insurance to increase the values of all the investments from the customers by time.

Elite Having a full life has never been a goal of successful people, they always look toward something higher, a caste life. To satisfy that needs, Ecopark is making a significant breakthough by providing a luxurious living along with the high quality services to ensure the residents will have a healthy and happy life to enjoy fully every minute of this life.


Green life


With the concept of making every moment with family and friends become memorable, Ecopark not only designs comfortable homes, but also provides an outstanding living space. A complex synchronization management and green project have been formed to bring a better life for Vietnamese. Furthermore, becoming the leader on the sustainable development in the region is the further purpose of Ecopark. With a modern design located in the green forests and surrounded by the poetic rivers, it can be said that Ecopark is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity blending with the beauty of nature. That subtle beauty is presented throughout all the works by the cleverness of design teams, which makes Ecopark become an icon of the rich, but no less environmental friendly.


Special culture


The attraction of Ecopark not only comes from its formal outside, but also by the traditional beauty inside. There is a system of streets that regularly displays handicrafts items, cultural festivals and other traditional activities. Ecopark always wants to transmit the beauty of the ancient values into the modern life. We are here proudly believe that all cultural values are always protected and preserved at Ecopark.


Perfect service


Not just stop at providing a place to live, Ecopark has also oriented the lifeway. Come to Ecopark, where you definitely have a lot of choices for your accommodation; from villas to appartments with variety of sizes, designs and of course, reasonable investments. The architectural teams of Ecopark focus on having a logical planning for both infrastructures and natural elements to create an environment with full of living energy Ecopark creates their own values by shaping a system of public welfare, public utility and other services based on the international standards... so that residents can access to the elite of modern life. The chains of commercial townhouses, supermarkets will satisfy the needs of shopping from residents. The educational system is deployed from kindergarten level to university, which meets standards of high quality education of Vietnam and International. The medical facilities are focused on investment and will be more expanded in the near future. Amusement parks, leisure centers with many activities that residents can participate like swimming pools, gyms, body care services, art clubs... Especially, Ecopark provides hundreds of buses everyday with convenient bus stops, accurately tracking software that can make residents feel easy to move anywhere. Of course, it is free of charge. All of services from Ecopark are guaranteed to achieve the international standards and response to feedbacks from the citizen in order to please even the most fastidious owner.

Green park


Ecopark owns a system of three major parks with an area is up to 10 hectares, including Summer park, Spring park and Autumn park. The park system in Ecopark has become an attractive go-to-place of families on the weekends or holidays. The park has a green and airy campus, which is suitable for outside activites like camping, BBQ , outdoor parties or active games with friends and family. Besides, this is also a good place for extracurricular activities of schools in Hanoi. With a plentiful vegetational cover and beautiful scenery, every little corner of the park can become a great art inspiration for residents and visitors.


Outstanding educational system


Education is one of the major developing strategy of Ecopark. Vihajico focus on cooperating with prestigious educations, such as The Academy of Medicine Waseda (Japan), British University Vietnam (BUV), Đoàn Thị Điểm senior high school, EPGA Golf Academy. Ecopark also signed agreements of educational development with the US educational system CIEM, Fuji Kindergarten system, International Preschool Twinkle Town, Sunrise Senior Kidz Proschool.


Tokyo Medical University Vietnam


Tokyo Medical University Vietnam is invested and constructed in an area of 3,2 hectares at Ecopark by the Institute of Medicine Waseda Japan and other Japanese organizations. According to the decision of the Prime Minister, the first course was opened in September, 2016 with the initial investment is about 20 million dollars and the training scale is about 1200 students/year. Graduates will have an opportunity to work in major hospitals in Vietnam and International, they are also eligible to participate in examinations for Japanese national certificate, higher educations in Japan or other developed countries...


British University Vietnam (BUV)


British University Vietnam is located in a 6,5 hectares area inside Ecopark, including: lecture halls, research area and sports complex for physical activities, such as football, tennis courts, swimming pools... This is the first international university in Vietnam, with the facilities and educational quality meet the UK standards, with 100% foreign invested capital, trained and certified by the University of London, University of Staffordshire in three majors: Finance and Banking, International Business Management and Marketing Management.


EPGA Golf Academy


Designed by Ernie Els - 4 times champion of PGA Tour, Ernie Els Golf Academy (EPGA) is the first comprehensive golf academy in Vietnam with an advanced technology and professional teaching methods, the academy provides professional training programs for golfers in different levels. The first course will expectedly start in January, 2017.


Aqua Grand Bay


Ecopark is also famous for the Aqua Grand Bay with an area up to 5 hectares. Aqua Bay with the lakeside lasts over 2km will provide Ecopark residents the opportunities to join in outside activites, such as enjoy the spectacular scenery on yachts or experience the feeling of relaxation by the artificial beach.


Bustling Commercial Center


Ecopark residents will be satisfied by enjoying the feeling of endless shopping in a modern commercial center, the utility stores, mini-market, handicraft stalls. Especially, the CGV movie theater system is expected to open in 2019. All of the utilities and services in Ecopark meet international standards to focus on pleasing the oweners.





Health care is always the top concern in the community. Ecopark has planned and developed the Eco-Clinic in the C tower - Rừng Cọ with the modern equipments, a team of experienced and prestigious specialists.

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